Recover Faster with Glutathione Injections

Visit our mobile shot clinic in Lufkin, TX and all of Eastern Texas

Glutathione is composed of three amino acids combined to produce a peptide that is both a powerful antioxidant and performs several critical roles in the body. These peptides are important to general functions of organisms in your body. These amino acids playing a role in detoxification by eliminating toxic electrophilic molecules and reactive peroxides. If you have had a long night out or are recovering from a bad cold, Glutathione can help your body get back to feeling normal!

Interested in getting a Glutathione shot? VitaShots Mobile is a mobile shot clinic that serves Lufkin, TX and surrounding Deep East Texas areas. We offer Glutathione shots and partner with local businesses to host our clinics. There are no office visit fees and walk-ins are always open.